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Department of Computational Linguistics — Phonogram Archives

The Phonogram Archives of the University of Zurich

The Phonogram Archives (ISIL CH-001390-6) form part of the Department of Computational Linguistics at the University of Zurich. Our objectives include the collection, documentation, study and publication of dialectological sound recordings of all four Swiss national languages. This includes varieties of all major language areas in Switzerland, such as Swiss German dialects, franco-provençal "Patois", the Lombard dialects of Ticino and parts of the Canton of Grisons and also the Rhaeto-Romance idioms.


Please click the following map to get an overview of our archival holdings (a new tab in your browser will open).

The Archives currently hold over 3,000 sound carriers collected over a period of more than one hundred years. Due to the many technical revolutions in the history of sound recording technology, we possess a broad collection of various sound media and corresponding playback devices.


We provide advice and recording devices for linguistic field recording efforts. We also provide dialect recordings for teaching or research. If you are a student or faculty member of the University of Zurich these services are free of charge.

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