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Department of Computational Linguistics — Phonogram Archives

Borrowing Recording Equipment

General audio recorders for teaching and research purposes

Easy-to-operate all-in-one recording gear for purposes of linguistic research can be borrowed at the secretary's office of the Department of Comparative Linguistics (Plattenstrasse 54, Building PLK) during office hours.

Audio recorders courtesy of the IT Services

Both audio and video recording equipment can be borrowed at the customer desk of the UZH IT Services (Freiestr. 16, Building FRF) during office hours. IT Services also have other equipment, such as projectors, CD/DVD-players, microphones, portable projection screens, active loudspeakers, etc. at their disposal.

Audio recording equipment for phonetic purposes

In collaboration with the Phonetics Laboratory of the University of Zurich the Phonogram Archives maintain a small collection of high-end microphones and audio recorders for phonetic research. If you are interested in this equipment for specialized applications, please contact us, so that we can give you some instructions first as to how to make best use of these nifty little devices.